Informed. Supported. Empowered.

Mother&Sol provides professional doula services, and evidence-based education to growing families in Sarnia, Lambton. We are proud to support the full spectrum of experiences that families go through during conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and loss. 

With the latest information, unbiased guidance and unconditional support of your choices, we aim to help you thrive through your experience. 

Doula Support

A doula is a trained professional that provides education, guidance and emotional support to birthing persons and their families during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

From answering your questions to guiding you through breastfeeding difficulties, Mother&sol doulas will help you feel informed, supported and empowered through your transition into parenthood. 

Private Classes

Mother&Sol provides evidence-based one-on-one education to families during pregnancy and early parenthood.

If you are looking for an intimate and personalized learning experience, book a virtual session, and begin feeling knowledgeable and empowered

Upcoming Workshops and Classes

Mother&Sol's classes for new and expectant families are full of the latest evidence-based information and taught in small intimate groups. Our classes are inspired by the needs of growing families and we are proud to offer an inclusive, supportive and positive learning experience for all persons.

 Always unbiased, always non-judgemental.

Both virtual and in-person classes available.

Prenatal Classes, Childbirth Education Classes, Virtual Classes for pregnant persons, Birth Preparat

Newborn Care and Safety Class for New Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers, SIDS prevention, Infant

Postpartum Preparation Class for Expectant Parents, class for pregnant persons, class for expectant

Baby Sign Language Class for Parent and Baby, Mommy and me class

Mindful Melodies Music Class for Parent and Baby, Kindermusik Class for Babies

Parent and Baby Meditation and Restorative Yoga with on-site Doula support

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class for Expectant Parents, Chest feeding, Breastfeeding Education.

Educational Class for Introducion Solid Foods to Baby, Class for New Parents, Introduction Table Foo

Mindfulness Class for Pregnant persons, Mindful Birthing,

What We Do...



Welcoming a new baby is a transformational experience for everyone involved. We prioritize involving non-birthing partners in the childbirth process and supporting siblings, grandparents and even pets through the postpartum transition, we support you and your family as a whole.



You can always be sure that all the information shared with you is based on the latest studies and research.We are committed to help you feel knowledgeable and informed when making choices about your pregnancy, birth and your baby's care.



Mother&Sol provides a model of care that nurtures the mind and the body.  You will find aspects of mindfulness, yoga and traditional practices integrated into our services and classes. As well as frequent collaborations with Registered Yoga Teachers, Nutritionists and Holistic Practitioners in our Blog.



Breastmilk or formula, feeding a baby is hard work! At Mother&Sol we recognize the effort and dedication that all feeding methods require from parents. We are prepared to support you in your journey of feeding your baby, whatever that looks like. Judgement-free. 



Mother&Sol offers all doula services on a Community-supported Sliding Scale Pricing. This means that you pay the price that best works for your family's budget. The families that are able support the care of those that are unable to pay the full fee, and no one is turned away for lack of funds.



Birth and parenting are not just for "mamas". We are committed to make all persons feel safe, seen and supported through their individual experiences of childbirth and parenthood.

Do you have a suggestion on how we can make our services more inclusive? Please share it with us in a message.



The quality and unique care that Mother&sol offers is powered by a network of service providers serving families in Sarnia-Lambton, including counselors, yoga teachers, massage therapist, aromatherapists, nutritionist and other holistic practitioners.

We are committed to connecting you to supports in the community so that you still are cared for once doula care us in a message.

What Families Have to Say...



"In a time, both before and after giving birth, when we were inundated with information that was sometimes conflicting, Javi was there with evidence-based information and resources to direct us to the information we needed.

After giving birth, the virtual support through video was so convenient with a newborn, especially given the stressful and confusing pandemic time.

She was, and still is, super accessible, just a message, text or call, away at any time of the day. She is passionate about self-advocating and she is inclusive of all family situations. Javi did an amazing job of ensuring that we were informed and reassured, her service felt tailor-fit to us and our personal situation"

-M, First-time mother.

Meet the Doula

Hi! Im so glad you made it here!

I'm Javiera Aviles-Saez or just Javi! I'm the owner of Mother&Sol, a full-spectrum doula and childbirth educator, but first and foremost I am mother to a 2.5 year old, Sol Tobias. He is the sun of my life and the reason I became a birthworker.

I believe all parents should feel informed, supported and empowered during the birth of their baby and their transition into parenthood. As a doula, I have training in all things pregnancy, birth, babies and evidence-based education, and I'm proud to provide families in Sarnia with accessible doula care, inclusive services and unconditional support of their choices.

Let my passion and vision transform your experience into an informed, supported and empowered one. 

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We are proud to provide evidence-based education, inclusive doula support and accesible services to birthers and their families during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. 

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