Giving birth amidst a world pandemic can be scary and overwhelming. Rapidly changing hospital policies, limited visitors in the labour room and the constant stream of news and information can make making decisions more confusing than ever. 

Pregnancy is a transformational experience and at Mother&Sol we understand that it’s can hard to go through it without the day-to-day support of family and friends and through the loss of routine and normalcy. 


Virtual doula services provide you with the expertise and guidance of birth doula at your fingertips

(via phone, text or video call) during your pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum.

What does this mean for you?

  • Someone to debrief with after doctor appointments.

  • Someone to get unbiased guidance from. Who will not try to convince you towards a certain outcome. Your choices are always supported by your doula.

  • Someone to talk to about your worries and concerns with. 

  • Someone to share thoughts, feelings, fears and excitement with.

  • Someone to help you have an informed, positive and empowering birth experience. 

  • Someone to coach you through labour.

  • Someone to call with middle-of-the-night concerns after baby is born.

  • Someone to guide you as you learn to breastfeed and get to know your baby.

  • Someone to chat with about what it feels like to become a parent.


What does it look like to hire a Virtual Birth Doula?

1 video consultation to decide if we want to work together.

2 prenatal video-call "Doula Visits" (1-hour each, $80 value)

These visits to guide you through: 

  • Planning for your birth

  • Preparing your relationship for a baby

  • Educating your partner on how to support you during birth and postpartum.

  • Addressing any fears, questions and concerns you may have.

Attendance to all 4 of Mother Sol's signature classes. These include:

An evidence-based, doula-led prenatal class will teach you about the childbirth process and everything you need to know about giving birth in the hospital or at home with a focus on having a positive mindset and feeling calm, informed and empowered through your experience.

Prenatal baby care and infant safety class for new parents. Covering everything from burping, diapering and bathing your baby to safe sleep, the latest research of SIDS, car seat safety, babywearing, paced bottle-feeding and so much more, to help you feel confident and prepared to care for your baby from day one. 

Note: If you already have children and do not feel you need this class. This class can be used as a credit for any other class or service of less or equal value.

Plan for a prepared postpartum experience by bringing holistic methods and ancient wisdom into your time of healing. Learn about postpartum recovery, mental health, community supports and self-care as a new parent with the guidance of a postpartum doula.

If you are planning to breastfeed your baby. This class will teach you everything you need to know to feel prepared and knowledgeable from day one. Topics include: latch, milk supply, common obstacles and how to deal with them.

Phone/text support throughout your pregnancy and the first 4 weeks postpartum. ($75/week value)

Doula available on-call for your birth  (invaluable!!)

During your labour and birth, your doula will behave as in person with you and supporting you will be her #1 priority. This means that at all times she will be fully available and just one tap away to answer questions, guide you through labour and support you continuously via text, phone call or video call.

1 Postpartum phone-call  (1-hour, $30 value)

to check-up on how things are going and assist you with infant feeding, postpartum mental health, your recovery and with finding external resources in our community (such as lactation consultants, mental health support groups, pelvic floor physiotherapy and virtual resources)


1- Year Access to Mother&Sol’s Client Library full of helpful doula-recommended resources to help you prepare for birth. Including informational guidebooks, birth videos and downloadable PDFs (Value: $25/first month and $15 each month after)

20% discount on any Mother&Sol classes during pregnancy and for the whole first year postpartum!

Become part of a private Facebook Group exclusive to Mother&Sol clients. A safe and inclusive space to get advice and support from like-minded parents in the same stage of life

INVESTMENT:  $850 - $1250

  • Mother&Sol offers doula services on a Community-Supported Sliding Scale Pricing. This means that you pick a fee that works for your family and your current situation.  Learn how to use this system here.


What does it look like to hire a Virtual Birth Doula?

Hiring a Birth Doula is an investment in your pregnancy, yourself, your relationship, and your baby.

 Having the expertise, guidance and unconditional support of a doula will help you have a positive and empowering experience.  Making sure that you are fully informed and supported throughout your transition to parenthoodis a decision you will not regret. Let's make that happen for you! 

What Families Have to Say...

"Hiring Mother&Sol Doula has been an incredible experience of well rounded, knowledgeable information that has left me feeling supported and inspired me to learn more. Javi is so in tune with the spiritual development of giving birth and how important it is to enter birth with a confident, empowered mindset instead of fear.

Whether you are wanting a natural birth or not, Javi will give you all the information you need to make your own informed choices and supports you with all evidence-based statisticsIt’s the kind of care you just don’t get from health care providers making all Mother&Sol’s Doula Services beneficial when it comes to feeling prepared and ready to give birth.

I highly recommended. 5 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟"

-Jessica, First-time mother

Meet the Doula

Hi! Im so glad you made it here!

I'm Javiera Aviles-Saez or just Javi! I'm the face behind Mother&Sol, a full-spectrum doula and childbirth educator, but first and foremost I am mother to a 2.5 year old, Sol Tobias.

He is the sun of my life and the reason I became a birthworker.

I believe all parents should feel informed, supported and empowered during the birth of their baby and their transition into parenthood. As a doula, I have training in all things pregnancy, birth, babies and evidence-based education, and I'm proud to provide families in Sarnia with accessible doula care, inclusive services and unconditional support of their choices.


We are proud to provide evidence-based education, inclusive doula support and accesible services to birthers and their families during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. 

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