At Mother&Sol we understand how difficult it is to go through your pregnancy in the middle of a world pandemic. Losing the opportunity to have a baby shower, go to prenatal yoga, meet other pregnant couples or just to have the opportunity of showing off your baby bump are all situations you were not expecting when you thought about having a baby.

Adjusting your expectations, changing your birth plan, filtering all of your decisions through COVID-19 are experiences through which you deserve to feel supported and cared for. 

The Text-A-Doula service provides you with the expert guidance and knowledge of a doula and childbirth educator at your fingertips, before or after baby.

What does this mean for you?


  • Assistance with birth planning.

  • Answers to your questions about hospital policies

       and COVID-19.

  • Debriefing after doctor appointments.

  • Prenatal education and evidence-based resources.

  • Emotional support and reassurance.

  • A group chat with your partner and your doula to share thoughts, feelings and resources to help you prepare for birth.

  • Guidance for the non-birthing parent as they learn how to support you during pregnancy and birth.


  • Answers to your questions about baby care and your postpartum recovery.

  • Breastfeeding/pumping/formula feeding support.

  • Education on postpartum mental health and self-care.

  • Support processing your birth experience.

  • Referrals to other virtual and community supports.

  • Daily check-ins to help you feel supported every day.

  • Guidance and support for the non-birthing parent as they learn to care for baby and for you after birth. 


Become part of a private Facebook Group exclusive to Mother&Sol clients. A safe and inclusive space to get advice and support from like-minded parents in the same stage of life

INVESTMENT: $75/week or $250/month

  • Full payment required before service begins.



Pregnancy nausea, newborn concerns, breastfeeding troubleshooting or a colicky baby are experiences that you should not have to go through feeling unsupported. Give yourself the gift of feeling informed, nurtured and cared for through your transition to parenthood.

Whether it be only for a week, a month or for the entirety of your pregnancy, 

booking the Text-a-Doula service will ensure you are fully supported at all times with the knowledge, experience and compassionate guidance  of a professional doula at your fingertips. 

What Families Have to Say...

"I will highly recommend Mother&Sol Doula Services to any mom to be or new mom. Javiera will teach you, guide you and help you to be as prepared as possible for the arrival of your newborn baby and/or along the journey of your baby's growth.

She's very interactive and hands-on as she loves to see you grow into the best mother you can be for your newborn baby. Javiera’s genuine support, kindness and openness comes with great energy that anyone would love to be around"

-Jessica, Mother to Future.


Meet the Doula

Hi! Im so glad you made it here!

I'm Javiera Aviles-Saez or just Javi! I'm the face behind Mother&Sol, a full-spectrum doula and childbirth educator, but first and foremost I am mother to a 2.5 year old, Sol Tobias.

He is the sun of my life and the reason I became a birthworker.

I believe all parents should feel informed, supported and empowered during the birth of their baby and their transition into parenthood. As a doula, I have training in all things pregnancy, birth, babies and evidence-based education, and I'm proud to provide families in Sarnia with accessible doula care, inclusive services and unconditional support of their choices.