Express Birth Prep

Whether you are having an un-medicated homebirth or giving birth in a hospital with an epidural. Feeling informed, prepared and empowered for you birth is SO important. Join us for virtual express Birth Prep to learn everything you need to know to prepare your body and mind for your upcoming experience!

What Can You Expect?

Over the course of two 2-hour sessions, you will prepare for your upcoming birth by learning from an experienced perinatal educator and professional full-spectrum doula. 

You will learn about... 

  • Learn about the mechanics of childbirth, how to recognise contractions and when to go into the hospital.

  • Learn about the stages of labour and tools to help you cope with each stage.

  • Information on induction, cesarean, premature birth and more, to help you feel prepared regardless of the outcome of your labour. 

  • We will go over all your options for pain management, both medical and natural. Acquire tools to labour naturally, but also learn about epidurals, IV medications and interventions/procedures that may come up during labour.

  • Learn positions for labour and for pushing.

  • Information about common interventions, newborn procedures and our local hospital’s policies.

  • Helpful tips and techniques to help your birthing partner better support you (or informative articles/videos for them to read if they can’t join)

  • Guidance with the creation of your birth plan.

  • Early breastfeeding and "the golden hour".

  • Information on new hospital policies surrounding the recent COVID-19 pandemic and what it means for your birth.

This virtual class will take a special interest in teaching your partner how to support you during labour and birth. They will learn massage techniques, counterpressure and how to provide encouragement and emotional support throughout your experience.

Attendants will receive a PDF workbook/evidence-based articles/videos/birth preferences worksheet as well as a set of affirmation cards and access to Mother&Sol's library of resources. Email support available to answer any questions you may have after class.

Mother&Sol classes are a safe, inclusive and accepting space for all parents. We believe that there is no"right" way to give birth and want to educate and support you so that you can have a positive and empowering experience. Whatever that looks like for you!

Instructor: Javiera Aviles-Saez; Mother, Perinatal Educator, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Certifying Pregnancy and Infant Loss Doula with StillBirthDay, Abortion Doula, Fertility Support Practitioner In-Training. 

Investment: $75

*Financial aid available, please send us an email to

* Free spots available for teen parents

Join the next Birth Prep series!

  • November 14th and November 15th 5:30 to 7:30PM EST (Total of 4 hours)

Learn more about our classes:

  • SMALL GROUP CLASSES: Class sizes are limited to 8 families to maintain an intimate and personal setting. 

  • PRINTED RESOURCES: You will receive a workbook, handouts, and reading material to aid you in your learning. 

  • INTERACTIVE: You will learn about breastfeeding hand-on with the help of props and group activities.

  • EMAIL SUPPORT: Your instructor will be available to answer your questions privately through email and provide you with additional resources if necessary.

  • PDF LIBRARY: As a student you will gain access to a Mother&Sol’s library of educational resources for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


We are proud to provide evidence-based education, inclusive doula support and accesible services to birthers and their families during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. 

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