Small group in-person prenatal classes at Canara Park. Learn about the childbirth process, your rights during birth, comfort & coping techniques for labour, and how to navigate making medical decisions with confidence.


Registration includes 3 2-hour in-person classes and access to the Radiant Birthing online learning platform.

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Learn virtually how to prepare mind and body for a radiant birthing experience. The Radiant Birthing online course includes 4 live birth coaching sessions and access to an online learning platform with +8 hours of prenatal education videos and downloadable resources.


Get informed. Release fears. Birth Radiantly.

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Personalized education and expert guidance in the comfort of your own home. These sessions are the perfect way to get prepared for birth on your own schedule and with the one-on-one guidance of a seasoned doula and childbirth educator. 

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Sydney & Branden

"Mother and Sol Doula helped my fiancee and I so much! I was so confident and comfortable going into my labour because these classes made sure I was prepared for the beauty that is going through childbirth”.

Olivia & Cole

"Javi was so knowledgeable and informative and made me feel very empowered about my upcoming first-time birth experience.

I felt like I knew all the questions to ask at the hospital, what my options were, and what to expect. They create such a loving and inclusive environment (even virtually). Javi has such a friendly and caring demeanor and you can feel comfortable enough to ask them any questions. I am so glad that I took their course with my husband".