Welcoming a new baby into your life may come with a lot of questions. How will you cope with labour?

When should you go to the hospital? Will you be able to breastfeed your baby?

How do you even take care of a baby after you bring them home?!?

Being pregnant in the midst of a world pandemic adds even more uncertainty, and you might be feeling like you don’t know how to prepare for your upcoming experience. We are here to help. 


Private prenatal education can be the perfect way to get your questions answered on your own schedule and get reassurance and support from someone who “has been there”.


Mother&Sol one-on-one classes are scheduled at your own convenience and taught virtually through Zoom or in-person in the comfort of your own home (*depending on current covid-19 regulations*).

Keep reading to learn more about our evidence-based classes.

Labour & Birth Prep

As doulas, we support families through diverse and unique childbirth experiences. We know better than anyone that there is “no right way” to give birth. Whether you are giving birth at home or at the hospital, with or without pain medications, we want to help you feel prepared for whatever your unique experience looks like.

This class will teach you about what to expect and how to cope with each stage of labour, common interventions, hospital policies and how to navigate making decisions during birth.

  • 2.5 hours - $95 virtually or $145 in-person.

Cesarean Birth Prep

Whether you are having an elective/planned cesarean, this class will help you feel prepared going into your experience.


You will learn about the options available to you, how to mentally prepare, and what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. Your doula will also give you tips and information on how to nurture your body and support your healing process post-c-section.

  • 1.5 hours - $60 virtually or $75 in-person

Newborn Prep

This interactive class will help you feel informed and knowledgeable caring for your baby from day one.


You will learn how to read your newborn’s cues, how to change a diaper and how to hold, bathe, burp and feed your baby from a breast or bottle. Topics also include safe sleep, babywearing  and carseat safety.

  • 2 hours - $80 virtually or $100 in-person.

Lactation Prep

This breastfeeding crash course will teach you about breastfeeding mechanics, positions, milk supply, pumping and will prepare you to overcome common obstacles in your breastfeeding journey. 


If you are planning to feed your baby from the breast or even if you have breastfed before, things didn’t go according to plan; this class will help you feel prepared and informed right from the start.

  • ​2 hours - $80 virtually or $100 in-person.

All classes include personalized resources sent directly to your email and email-support to answer any questions that may come up after class.

Private classes are taught by Mother&Sol’s owner, Javiera Aviles-Saez, a professional Doula, Perinatal Educator and breastfeeding mother.  She has been teaching prenatal classes since 2019 to local families in Sarnia, Ontario, and has taught virtual classes and supported families virtually during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding throughout the covid-19 pandemic. 



"In a time, both before and after giving birth, when we were inundated with information that was sometimes conflicting, Javiera was there with evidence-based information and resources to direct us to the information we neededAfter giving birth, the virtual support through video was so convenient with a newborn, especially given the stressful and confusing pandemic time.

She is passionate about self-advocating and she is inclusive of all family situations. Javi did an amazing job of ensuring that we were informed and reassured, her service felt tailor-fit to us and our personal situation"

-M, First-time mother.


Let us help you feel informed, supported and empowered.

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