The Perfect Blend of Holistic and

Evidence-based Childbirth Education

for a Radiant Birthing Experience

with Javiera Aviles-Saez

How do you feel about your upcoming birth? Feeling fearful, overwhelmed, doubtful, anxious or nervous can be very normal. Your birth is a big deal! 

What if I told birth can be positive and empowering..?

With the right preparation, you can feel informed and confident, instead of anxious and scared.

You can feel radiant as you give birth.

This is not a "natural birth" prenatal class. Let's keep it real... while childbirth is natural, it is also the most intense experience you will likely ever go through, and you should be able to do whatever you need to get through it. With no judgment. And with all the support possible.

If you want to have a natural birth at home, or if you want the epidural right away, even if you are worried about having a c-section... Radiant Birth classes are for YOU!

Because you decide what radiant looks like for you!

Radiant Birthing blends the most up-to-date evidence-based information about childbirth, with ancestral wisdom and knowledge, to help you have a RADIANT birth experience.

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Over the span of 4-weeks, you will be able to explore your mindset, fears and vision for childbirth with weekly 2-hour live meetings, workbooks, resources and the expert guidance of a seasoned full-spectrum doula and childbirth educator. You will learn in-depth about childbirth science, holistic methods for coping with labour and ways to prepare your mind and body for a RADIANT experience.  

Week 1

Preparing Your Mind & Body for Birth and Early Labour ​

Week 2

Childbirth, Movement & Hormones.

Week 3

Medical Procedures, Pain relief & Cesarean Birth

Week 4

Postpartum, Lactation & Your Newborn

Week 5

Comfort Measures Refresher + Q&A session (optional)

However you give birth, you deserve to have a radiant experience.

A birth filled with light, happiness, joy, love, confidence and empowerment. 

However you give birth, you deserve to have a radiant experience.

A birth filled with light, happiness, joy, love, confidence and empowerment. 

Sydney & Branden

"I was so confident and comfortable going into my labour because these classes made sure I was prepared for the beauty that is going through childbirth!"

Cassandra & Shawn

“My partner and I greatly enjoyed our virtual prenatal classes with Javiera. We learned so much over the course of the sessions, we left feeling much more informed and empowered to make decisions surrounding the upcoming birth.”

Alexa & Ryan

“It’s a LOT of information to digest, but Javi is so informative and knowledgeable and we felt it was super thorough and gave us more preparation and confidence. The labour poses and breathing techniques are going to be so helpful! Even my midwives mentioned using a few of them and when I told them we had discussed and practiced them in our prenatal course they were impressed!”

Olivia & Cole

"I knew all the questions to ask at the hospital, what my options were, and what to expect. Javi creates such a loving and inclusive environment (even virtually). She has such a friendly and caring demeanor and you can feel comfortable enough to ask her any questions. I am so glad that I took her course with my husband."

Hi! I'm Javi. I am a mother, a doula and educator.

I believe there is no right way to give birth and it's my passion to help parents feel prepared, informed and supported through each of their unique experiences.

I am the mother of an amazing 3-year-old. He is the absolute light of my life. I had a radiant homebirth after a difficult pregnancy and have breastfed him exclusively from birth! My experience transitioning into parenthood inspired me to train as a doula, and I have not stopped supporting families since!

My classes are evidence-based, trauma-informed, access-centered and gender-affirming. 

Javiera Aviles-Saez (they/she)



What do I mean by Radiant Birthing experience?

I believe that however you give birth, with midwives or an obstetrician, at home or the hospital, with an epidural or medication-free, vaginally or via cesarean, VBAC or repeat c-section… you deserve to have a radiant experience. Radiant as filled with light, happiness, good health, joy, love, confidence, and empowerment. I want you to feel radiant as you enter, go through and get through childbirth, and I think this begins by becoming informed of your options. So that you can define your vision and preferences, prepare mentally and physically and learn the tools to help you achieve your BEST birth.

The Radiant Birthing course walks you through the process to achieve that!

Radiant Birthing classes are for you if....

  • You want to feel well-informed about your choices during labour.

  • You want to be prepared for any birth scenario so that you can confidently navigate making decisions if complications or unexpected obstacles arise.

  • You are ready to feel confident instead of fearful. 

  • You wish to learn from the comfort and safety of home, but still have an interactive experience.

  • You believe you DESERVE feel RADIANT as you give birth to your baby.

4 Live Weekly Birth Coaching Sessions 

  • Each session is 2 hours in length and taught over Zoom.

  • Small groups for an intimate setting.

  • Recording available for download.

Weekly Downloadable Workbooks 

  • Filled with resources, infographics and journaling prompt to help you prepare for birth.

1 Live Q&A Session 

Exclusive Facebook Community 

  • Daily affirmations and encouragement.

  • Get advice, suggestions and support from other expectant parents.

Hundreds of Evidence-based Resources

  • Available at your request for the duration of the course

Radiant Birthing & Pregnancy Affirmation Deck

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Investment: $299 

or 3 payments of $100 every 2 weeks.

Fees are in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Scholarships and sliding fee pricing available for families in financial need, please contact us here.

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“Javi is so in-tune with the spiritual development of giving birth and how important it is to enter birth with a confident, empowered mindset instead of fear. Whether you are approaching a natural birth or not, she will give you all the information you need to make your own informed choice.”

- Jessica

Still unsure? Got questions?

Will taking a prenatal class ACTUALLY benefit my birth?

Absolutely! Research shows prenatal classes can increase confidence for labour, improve communication with your care provider, decrease need for pain medications in labour and increase satisfaction with birth. Radiant birth classes guide you through a proven method to help you feel informed, supported and confident during labour and birth = a radiant YOU! Your instructor will teach you about your rights and your options in childbirth, support you as you prepare mentally and physically for labour, share techniques to fill your labout coping toolbox and help you feel confident in your ability to give birth, however it happens!

What if I'm getting the epidural? Is taking a class necessary?

It definitely is! Feeling informed and prepared is important however you give birth! In this classes, you will learn about how the epidural procedure happens, what the benefits and risks are, and how to STILL be an active participant of your birth. We don't believe there is a "right" way to give birth, and we want to help you feel prepared for however birth happens!

Will my partner benefit from the classes?

Definitely! Your partner will learn about how to be the best support to you during labour, practice hands-on massage and comfort techniques to help you cope with contractions and gain confidence as a birth partner. Expectant parents even report feeling more connected with their partner after taking prenatal classes!

When is the best time to take prenatal classes during my pregnancy?

It's recommended you start the live classes no later than 32 weeks of pregnancy, so that you can be finished before 36-37 week of pregnancy. If you want to take the classes earlier in your pregnancy, that is also totally ok! and has lots of benefits, including; more time to go through and process the information and to practice the techniques and positions you learned. You will have access to the recorded classes for as long as you need to, so you can re-watch anytime!

I can't afford the classes. Do you offer flexible payment options?

Always! If you need financial assistance, we have a few options: - Payment plans are available. You can pay the fee for the classes in 3 bi-weekly installments, just choose this option in your registration form. - We have scholarships and a sliding fee available for families in financial need. If this applies to you, please send us an email to - If you are in financial need, please let us know. No families will be turned away for lack of funds.

I am single (or giving birth by myself) Can I still take the classes?

Of course! These classes are for everyone! You will learn lots of techniques to help you get through contractions and even some self-massage techniques. You are also welcome to take the classes with a friend, family member or support person. If they are unable to join you in-person, they can join the class virtually from their own home.