Prepare mind and body for birth from the comfort of home.

How do you feel about your upcoming birth? Fear, overwhelm, doubt, anxiousness.. are all normal feelings. Your birth is a big deal! 

What if I told you that your birth can be positive and empowering?

...that you can go into birth feeling confidence instead of fear?

...that you can feel radiant during your birth?

With the right preparation and support you can turn fear into confidence, get informed about your options  and feel prepared for you unique birthing experience.

In this 4-week intensive online course you will be guided and supported by an experienced doula and childbirth educator as you learn about your options and define your birth vision. You will learn about movement and positions in labour, breathing and pain coping techniques, and self-advocacy strategies to help you feel ready to rock your birth, in any setting. 

Whichever way you give birth, you deserve to have a radiant birthing experience.

The Radiant Birthing Online Course includes:​

4 Live Weekly Birth Coaching Sessions 

2-hour group sessions over zoom led by Javi, doula & childbirth education facilitator.

Self-paced Online Learning Platform

+8 hours of prenatal education videos that you can watch at your own pace.

Downloadable Worksheets & Resources

Including Birth Plans, labour positions infographics, affirmation cards, guided meditations and so much more.


Exclusive Facebook Community 

Private group for families taking the Radiant Birthing course, where you can share about your pregnancy and get advice, suggestions, and support from other expectant parents.​​

Javiera Aviles-Saez (they/she)

The Radiant Birthing course is led by  Javi (they/she).


Javi is a queer, non-binary parent, full-spectrum doula & childbirth education facilitator.

Javi's motto is that there is no right way to give birth and it's their life's work to help parents feel prepared, informed, and supported through each of their unique birthing experiences.

Javi's classes are a inviting space for all folks wanting to learn about birth. They are passionate about creating affirming and welcoming spaces for learning, in which every person feels seen, heard, and valued.





August Sessions

Time: 5:30PM to 7:30PM EST

Dates: Sundays August 15, August 22, August 29 & Sept 5


$300 CAD

Payment plans and sliding scale fee available, more info here.

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Frequently asked questions

Will taking a prenatal class ACTUALLY benefit my birth?

Absolutely! Research shows prenatal classes can increase confidence for labour, improve communication with your care provider, decrease need for pain medications in labour and increase satisfaction with birth. This course guides you through a proven method to help you feel informed, supported and confident during labour and birth = a radiant YOU! You will learn about your rights and your options in childbirth, support you as you prepare mentally and physically for labour, share techniques to fill your labout coping toolbox and help you feel confident in your ability to give birth, however it happens!

What if I'm getting the epidural? Is taking a class necessary?

It definitely is! Feeling informed and prepared is important however you give birth! In this classes, you will learn about how the epidural procedure happens, what the benefits and risks are, and how to STILL be an active participant of your birth. We don't believe there is a "right" way to give birth, and we want to help you feel prepared for however birth happens!

Will my partner benefit from the classes?

Definitely! Your partner will learn about how to be the best support to you during labour, practice hands-on massage and comfort techniques to help you cope with contractions and gain confidence as a birth partner. Expectant parents even report feeling more connected with their partner after taking prenatal classes!

When is the best time to take prenatal classes during my pregnancy?

It's recommended you start the live classes no later than 32 weeks of pregnancy, so that you can be finished before 36-37 week of pregnancy. If you want to take the classes earlier in your pregnancy, that is also totally ok! and has lots of benefits, including; more time to go through and process the information and to practice the techniques and positions you learned. You will have access to the recorded classes for as long as you need to, so you can re-watch anytime!

I can't afford the classes. Do you offer flexible payment options?

Always! There is sliding-scale pricing available. You can choose whatever fee works best for your family ($75-$300) based on the green bottle method. There are also scholarships available. Please email me at contact@motherandsol.ca to register.

I am single (or giving birth by myself) Can I still take the classes?

Of course! These classes are for everyone! You will learn lots of techniques to help you get through contractions and even some self-massage techniques. You are also welcome to take the classes with a friend, family member or support person. If they are unable to join you in-person, they can join the class virtually from their own home.