Giving birth amidst a world pandemic can be scary and overwhelming. Rapidly changing hospital policies, limited visitors in the labour room and the constant stream of news and information can make making decisions more confusing than ever. 

Pregnancy is a transformational experience and at Mother&Sol we understand that it’s can hard to go through it without the day-to-day support of family and friends and through the loss of routine and normalcy. 


Virtual doula services provide you with the expertise and guidance of birth doula at your fingertips

(via phone, text or video call) during your pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum. 

What can a doula do for you?

During pregnancy, your doula will support you as you prepare your mind and body for birth, by answering your questions, providing evidence-based childbirth education and supporting you emotionally as you approach your big day. 

We believe that all parents deserve to feel informed, cared for and supported as they go through one of the biggest changes of their lives. We are here to help you have an empowering pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

When you go into labour, your doula will be available on-call to reassure you and help you determine when its the best time to go to the hospital. She will give suggestions to help you cope with labour and be a "birth coach" to both you and your partner through phone, text or video call until you have your baby in your arms.

As Doulas, we have supported a diverse variety of birth experiences and know better than anyone that there is "no right way to give birth". You doula will always support the choices you make for your care, your birth and your baby.

After the birth of your baby, your doula will be just a call away to support you as you learn to feed, care and soothe your baby. She will give you holistic suggestions to help you heal after birth and refer you to resources to support you in your transition to parenthood. 

Mother&Sol Doulas are supportive, respectful and knowledgeable of all infant feeding methods, and your doula will support you and educate you with no judgement, however you choose to feed your baby. 


What's included?


  • Free 30 minute consultation video-call 

This is a chance to learn more about how a doula can benefit your birth. This call won't involve any personalized advice or education, but it's a great chance to get to know your doula and ask any questions you may have about doula support.


Prenatal Prep

  • 2 virtual "doula visits" ($160 value)

These sessions will help you and your birth partner become informed about your options during labour and teach how to navigate decision-making during your birth at the hospital or at home. Your doula will answer your questions, teach you comfort techniques for labour and give suggestions on how to prepare for birth.

  • Birth Prep childbirth education class. ($125 value)

A virtual, evidence-based, doula-led group prenatal class that will teach you everything you need to know about the childbirth process and how to get through it, with a focus on keeping a calm and positive mindset during birth. This is also a great opportunity to connect with other expectant parents.

  • Mother&Sol's Guide to Childbirth ($15 value) 

An informational e-book, full of the latest information, resources and tips to help you learn in-depth about the birth process, epidurals, pain relief and medical interventions.

  • Private Newborn Prep class ($80 value)

Our most popular private prenatal class, taught virtually by your doula. You will learn baby care, the latest research on SIDS, car seat safety, babywearing, paced bottle-feeding and so much more, to help you feel confident and prepared to care for your baby from day one.


  • Doula available on-call for your birth ($75/week value)

Starting at 37 weeks of pregnancy, your doula will be available on-call to support you whenever you go into labour, day or night. There is also always a back-up doula on-call to support you in the rare chance your doula is sick or unavailable.

  • Continuous text/phone/video support. ($50/hour value)

During your labour and birth, your doula will behave as if in-person, remaining on stand-by for whenever it is you need her. Supporting you will be her #1 priority until the moment you have your baby in your arms. This means that at all times she will be fully available and just one tap away to answer questions and offer encouragement and give suggestions to help you cope with contractions and aid your labour progress. 


  • Lactation Support after birth, if desired. ($50/hour value)

Immediately after the birth of your baby, your doula can provide lactation education and support by phone or video-call.

  • 2 virtual postpartum "Doula Visits" ($160 value)

Within a week of the birth of your baby, your doula will check-up on you to see how things are going and support you with lactation, postpartum mental health, recovery. She will give you suggestions to support your healing and recovery, and connect you to local and virtual resources. (such as lactation consultants, mental health support groups, pelvic floor physiotherapy, counselling and more.)


  • Unlimited Phone/Email support for the first two weeks after birth. ($75/week value)​​



($1400 value)

We believe doula care should be accessible to everyone.

Payment plans and financial aid are available upon request depending on availability.

Hiring a Birth Doula is an investment in your pregnancy, yourself, your relationship, and your baby.

You cannot predict birth, but by having the expertise, guidance and unconditional support of a doula you can ensure that you will feel informed, supported and empowered throughout your unique experience. 

You deserve to have this kind of support. Let's make it happen for you! 

"The number one thing I can say is that I wish I found Javi sooner in my pregnancy. In a time, both before and after giving birth, when we were inundated with information that was sometimes conflicting, she was there with evidence-based information and resources to direct us to the information we needed.

After giving birth, the virtual support through video was so convenient with a newborn, especially given the stressful and confusing pandemic time.

She was, and still is, super accessible, just a message, text or call, away at any time of the day. She is passionate about self-advocating and she is inclusive of all family situations. Javi did an amazing job of ensuring that we were informed and reassured, her service felt tailor-fit to us and our personal situation"

-M, First-time mother

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We are proud to provide evidence-based education, inclusive doula support and accesible services to birthers and their families during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. 

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